English summary

Revitalization of the North Dunes
The Landschap Noord-Holland Foundation was working on an extensive project to revitalize the North Dunes between Den Helder and Callantsoog.

Target-practice stopped
In 2005 large-scale military target-practices were ended in the North Dunes at the sites Falga and Botgat. In the coming years the Landschap Noord-Holland Foundation will clear the shooting ranges.
The extensive project also included other activities. A watchtower was built near Falga, flowery dune grassland was created in formerly intensively used areas near Botgat, in some dune valleys the sod was cut and the invasive shrub Rosa rugosa will be controlled.
With this project, the Landschap Noord-Holland Foundation intended to oppose wither and rampant parts of the dunes. Thus creating more grey dunes, a rare type of dune in Europe.

EU Life-project
This project is called a Life-project because the European Union’s ‘Life+ Programme for Natura 2000’ finances a large part of the works. The province of North Holland also contributes a considerable amount. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Landschap Noord-Holland Foundation financed a smaller part of the project.

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